Dinosaurs with Maniacal Egos, next on Jerry Springer...

 Curiosity... SATISFIED!!!
My inspiration for the project was an online webcomic called "Dinosaur Comics", hosted at qwantz.com. I've been an avid reader of dinosaur comics for at least two months, and I really enjoy the authors sense of humour. So therefore, the best project idea would be one that would make both myself and others laugh, if we both share the same sense of humour, or have had a sufficient amount of caffiene, or alternately lack of sleep. Hopefully.

I decided to model the main character of the comic, T-Rex. T-Rex is a humorous fellow, always getting into trouble with the other dinosaurs. Altogether a good choice for my hopefully humorous project! I found a great image on the qwantz.com "sexy exciting merchandise" page, which I used for the background while modelling T-Rex: