Dinosaurs with Maniacal Egos, next on Jerry Springer...

 It's... ALIIIIVE!
I had several stops and starts when initially trying to start the model of T-Rex. I first tried using a plane, and subdividing it to provide depth, but that worked poorly. Next, I tried extruding boxes, and that worked just about as well as planes did. Finally, I decided that since our friend T-Rex was such a rotund individual, I would just use a half of a tube to model him. So, that's what I ended up using, and that's what you see here!

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T-Rex's body, legs and arms were modelled as tubes and extruded. The feet were created as cubes, and then extruded. The claws and teeth are extruded tubes. The eyeball is a simple UV Sphere, and finally, the tongue is a NURBS sphere (just for a bit of difference!)