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A Canadian Flag

I used 3d studio max To create this image.

Starting Out:
I was thinking about something which will represent the Canada. Finally, I decided to draw a flag of Canada.

I had previous experience in 3d studio Maxt. On the First few day I just played with the 3d studio Max. I read some tutorials and tried to make different objects such as table, computer. Then I start working on the project. To create this picture I used primitive types such as box cylinder, plane and sphere. First, I created the  wall and flag which took almost 6 hours. Next I worked on the house and plane. For the house I used built in textures, primitive type boxes, and cylinders. To create the grass on the plane I used Google to find out the picture of grass then I modified it by Photoshop. Finally, I added the tree and light post modes. I used bend, twist, noise, edit mesh, mesh smooth, Displace and garments modifier in the project.

Even I have some experience with max it took huge time to familiar with it. When I started I was confuse because there is so many modifiers, and objects. The hardest part I found is to align the objects. There is so many objects and it almost difficult to select small objects. Most of times I selected object by the name. Another hardest part is assign appropriate materials to the object because every time I assigned a material I had to check it whether it looks good or not.

Final Image:
In the final image I included a tree and house and light post. I also used a background sky Which is built in 3d studio max? I got the tree and light-post model from internet. all the texture I used here is also built in 3d studio max From this project I learned lots of things such as how object in 3d work on the screen. It was lots of fun to work with 3d studio max.