CPSC 3710 - Computer Graphics Ray Tracing Project
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I spent many days wondering what to do for this project.  At first I thought I should do the Bridge with a train going accross it with clouds in the valley... little would I know that was way to ambitious.  So then I spent many days and nights wondering exactly what to draw, and was dreading this project.

Now that I have completed it, I actually want to learn more with POVRay and see just how far my talents can go(time permitting), however unfortunately time has ran out for this project.

In the end I decided to simply do a scene I had in my head, most of the image was generated from myself, however I did get some guidance from googling grain elevators.

In the end I am pleased with my work with POVRay, granted it looks nothing like those done in Maya, or 3D Studio Max, but nonetheless a great learning experience.