This 3D Art Gallery is created by Autodesk 3D studio Max 9 and Poser 6. Both software are famous and well known software. Especially Poser is specialized for human 3D figure modeling. We can do using 3D studio Max but it takes lots of time to create human models. Poser supports ‘3ds’ export options for 3D studio max that means I could using Poser models in the max.

   Most difficult jobs using these softwares are dealing with proper lighting effects in the Max. Even though I imported from poser, it didn’t show properly. So I created new lights using different light effects from the max but it is difficult to handle the depth of and strong of lights in the specific areas that I want.

Sculptures or some art stuff are made using cube or ball primitives in the max and sofa and other decoration stuff are made using Poser 6. Poser support nice and easy texture options for models and this built-in texture was also useful for this project.