Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
University of Lethbridge
Journal of Combinatorial Designs
Electronic Journal of Combinatorics
Some nice Orthogonal Designs
Related to the paper "On the Plotkin Arrays"
A nice symmetric BGW(85,64,48) with zero diagonal over the cyclic group of order 3
A twin SRG(936,375,150,150)
One of the twin SRG(936,375,150,150)
The second of the twin SRG(936,375,150,150)
Coding Theory, Cryptography and Computer Security workshop, August 3-7, 1998
The second Lethbridge workshop on Designs, Codes, Cryptography and Graph theory, July 9-14, 2001
Graph Theory of Brian Alspach, Simon Fraser University, May 25-29, 2003
Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences
An exciting collection of dissection puzzles and problems
Math for Students with Help of Students
Design Resources on the Web
Andries E. Brouwer Home Page
Christos Koukouvinos Home Page
The Hadamard maximal determinant problem
Construction of Hadamard matrices of order not exceeding 1000
Jennifer Seberry - The Hadamard Matrix Lady
Richard Guy Day - September 30, 2016
Listen to the reed, how it complaints of separation.., Rumi


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