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The files here concern the OD(144;6,6,6,6,12,12,48,48) in the paper 
"On the Plotkin Arrays", by W. H. Holzmann and H. Kharaghani, 
Austral. J. Comb., to appear 2000.

File:	                Content:

OD144      		Comma separated entries OD (52 kB)
OD144-			Entries (without commas) of OD where 
			  A, B, ... represents -a, -b, ... (20kB)

OD144.gif		Pretty gif image of OD. The key at the bottom of the
			image indicates the variables, ranging from
                        "a" which is red to "h" which is light blue.
			Negative values are indicated with a black bar
			in the corresponding rectangle. (60kB)

OD144colour.eps.gz	Gzip compressed colour postscript file (84 kB) 
OD144mono.eps.gz	Gzip compressed monochrome postscript file (84 kB) 
			Both of these tables are in the style of the 
			tables in the papers