Lethbridge Number Theory Group

Canadian Number Theory Association XII Meeting
University of Lethbridge
June 17-22, 2012

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    (Deadline: March 1, 2012).

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    (Early registration deadline: May 1st, 2012)    

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    (Deadline: April 1st, 2012)    

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    (Deadline: May 1st, 2012)

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  • BIRS Summer School
    June 10-17, 2012, Banff

  • Plenary Speakers Institution
    Manjul Bhargava Princeton University.
    Valentin Blomer Göttingen University
    Henri Darmon McGill University
    Chantal David Concordia University
    Andrew Granville Université de Montréal
    Roger Heath-Brown University of Oxford
    Minhyong Kim University of Oxford/POSTECH
    Ram Murty Queen's University
    Bjorn Poonen * MIT
    Akshay Venkatesh * Stanford University
    Umberto Zannier Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa
    Invited Speakers Institution
    Shabnam Akhtari CRM, Montréal
    Andrew Booker University of Bristol
    Tim Browning University of Bristol
    Yann Bugeaud IUF/Université de Strasbourg
    Pete Clark University of Georgia
    Karl Dilcher Dalhousie University
    Brooke Feigon CUNY
    John Friedlander University of Toronto
    Dragos Ghioca University of British Columbia
    Harald Helfgott CNRS/Ecole Normale Supérieure
    Patrick Ingram Colorado State University
    Michael Jacobson University of Calgary
    Hershy Kisilevsky
    Concordia University
    Manfred Kolster
    McMaster University
    Alex Kontorovich
    Yale University
    Matilde Lalin Université de Montréal
    Greg Martin University of British Columbia
    Kumar Murty University of Toronto
    Robert Osburn University College Dublin
    Carl Pomerance Dartmouth College
    Rachel Pries Colorado State University
    Olivier Ramaré CNRS/Université Lille 1
    Tanguy Rivoal CNRS/Université Lyon 1
    Damien Roy University of Ottawa
    Michael Rubinstein University of Waterloo
    Samir Siksek University of Warwick
    Katherine Stange Stanford University
    Cam Stewart University of Waterloo
    Andrew Sutherland MIT
    Hugh Williams University of Calgary
    Trevor Wooley University of Bristol
    * To be confirmed.

    Organizer: Charles Doran (University of Alberta)
    Invited speakers Institution
    Vincent Bouchard University of Alberta
    Adrian Clingher* University of Missouri
    Matt Kerr* Washington University in St. Louis
    Jacob Lewis University of Vienna
    Andreas Malmendier Colby College
    Johannes Walcher McGill University
    Ursula Whitcher University of Wisconsin
    * To be confirmed

    The conference will start on Sunday afternoon June 17 and ends on Friday June 22 at noon.

    To register, you will need to create a PIMS account and then login.
    For this, please go to the PIMS CNTA XII website:
    http://www.pims.math.ca/scientific-event/120617-cntaxmx (bottom of the page).
    Registration fees are detailed in the "Other information" section of the same page.
    There are reduced registration fees until May 1st, 2012.
    There will be a banquet dinner on Tuesday, June 19. It will be held at the Galt museum which has premium view of the coulee landscape. The main entree is either beef or vegetarian.
    If you are planning to attend it, you will need to need to book your ticket and choose your meal option at the same time as you register.

    Some financial support is available, especially for students and junior researchers.
    To apply, please contact Amir Akbary at amir.akbary(at)uleth(dot)ca with the subject FINANCIAL SUPPORT.
    Please attach a CV and (for students) a letter of reference from the supervising faculty.
    Deadline for applications is April 1st, 2012.

    We encourage participants to give a contributed talk of 15 minutes.
    Please use the following link to submit details: Abstracts submission.
    All abstracts will be reviewed by the Meeting organizers.
    Deadline for submissions is May 1st, 2012.

    The CNTA was founded in 1987 at the International Number Theory conference at Laval University. Approximately every 2 years since then, the universities of one Canadian city organize a week-long celebration of number theory.
    The purpose of the CNTA is to enhance and promote learning and research in Number Theory. To advance these goals the CNTA organizes major international conferences, with the aim of exposing students and researchers to the latest developments in number theory world wide. The previous meetings were held in Banff (1988), Vancouver (1989), Kingston (1991), Halifax (1994), Ottawa (1996), Winnipeg (1999), Montréal (2002), Toronto (2004), Vancouver (2006), Waterloo (2008), and Wolfville (2010).
    These have been high quality conferences which have had wide participation of the international number theory community. It is now one of the largest international meetings in the field, along with the European Journéees Arithmétiques.
    Please see the CNTA site, which tracks much of the history of CNTA, including links to past CNTA Meetings and Conference Proceedings.

    from University of Lethbridge: Amir Akbary, Habiba Kadiri, Nathan Ng, Soroosh Yazdani.
    from other institutions: Michael Bennett (UBC), Nils Bruin (SFU), Matthew Greenberg (Calgary), Renate Scheidler (Calgary), Vinayak Vatsal (UBC).

    Contact: cnta2012 (at) cs (dot) uleth (dot) ca

    PIMS CNTA XII webpage


    (updated 02/20/2012)