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Undergraduate lectures in Analytic Number Theory
Summer 2010

Room C630, 10:00 - 11:30 am

Organizers: Habiba Kadiri , Nathan Ng.
Anyone interested is welcome to attend.
Schedule Topic
Week of May 30 Lecture 1: Big O notations.
Laura Faber
Week of May 10 Lecture 2: Summation with examples.
Laura Faber
Week of May 17 Lecture 3: Analytic functions.
Laura Faber
Week of May 24 Lecture 4: Elementary functions.
Laura Faber
Week of May 31 Lecture 5: Complex integrals.
Laura Faber
Week of June 07 Lecture 6: Perron's formula and explicit formula for the Riemann Zeta function.
Laura Faber

This summer, the following undergraduate students are doing some research projects in analytic number theory:

Laura Faber
Chebotarev bounds for the Prime Number Theorem.
Chinook Research Summer Award.
Supervisor: H. Kadiri.
Yang Li
Biases in the Size of Arithmetic Functions and the Mertens Conjecture.
Chinook Research Summer Award.
Supervisors: A. Akbary and N. Ng.
Keilan Scholten
Artin prime producing polynomials.
NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Award.
Supervisor: A. Akbary.
Past talks: Summer 2009, Summer 2008.
Past undergraduate students
Number theory and Combinatorics Seminar
Number theory in Lethbridge
Number theory web