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In 1997 I decided I really wanted a cat. Or rather, a kitten. Well, any fuzzy animal would have been ok, but I didn't feel that keeping a dog in an apartment was really fair. So I called the vets, and the SPCA, and went to the pet store, and there were no kitties. BUT... there were some adorable ferrets!

So that's how Rafael came to live with me. I eventually had Rafael and Rachel and Alexis, but Rafael and Rachel have recently passed away. Alexis has gone to live with some friends of ours, because we thought she seemed very lonely without her buddies.

Ferrets are funny animals (both funny-strange and funny-haha). Owning ferrets are a lot like having two-year-old kids... except that they sleep about 18 hours each day, and I don't have to get babysitters when I go out for the evening. Of course, since I don't have any kids, that comparison may be totally out to lunch.

Update: I have kids now, and the comparison is out to lunch... you just can't put a baby in a cage when you have to clean the house the way you can with your ferrets!!

They do silly things like crawl into my socks and get stuck, and cute things like put their front legs on my leg so that I lift them up, and useful things like put my shoes away... and of course, annoying things like destroy furniture, carpets, visitor's shoes, plants, wires....

but I love them. And although my life is somewhat simpler without them, I miss them a lot.

AND NOW... now that I am married, I have three cats, a husband, three children and a dog. They keep me way too busy to miss my ferrets any more!!

ps. I don't talk about my human family as I am too paranoid to put that kind of information on the web -- I'm sure I have too much here already.