computer science and math activities
saying of the minute

   - -- I like their video about why code

   - LightBot: a game where you program the robot
   - Gamestar Mechanic
      -- a game that teaches you to build a video game
   - Codespells: another game

   - Computer Science Unplugged
   - Computing at school (newsletter)

   - the famous Scratch (
    -- and omg the resources!!
     -- scratch cards, getting started guide, and
       5 scratch tutorial videos

   - enchanting for use with NXT Robots
     -- (plus getting started cards)
   - Code HS (play with Karel the dog!)
   - Tynker
   - an online turtle logo interpreter
  - download turtle art
     -- (plus a snazzy set of getting started cards)
   - Introduction to Python

   - gotta love it -- recreational math!
   - Bootstrap world (learning math thru computer programming)

   - a blog with info about a raspberry pi club
   - about sonic pi (and download it here)
   - raspberry pi for kids

   - audacity, free sw for recording and editing sounds

      j.rice @

last updated June 2021

under construction

I think I have to admit that this site will ALWAYS be under construction. I had such great hopes for it when I started it, but life has taken me in other directions and sadly this has taken a back seat. I still hear from folks making use of the list, however, so that makes me happy. I'm also happy to get suggestions for updates, so please send them my way! (And a big thanks to Caity for the latest suggestion :-)

The site basically consists of exercises at varying levels to help kids and teachers get started with some of these ideas. Try them out, please!

Girls Science Club, 2014/2015

hour of code
Girls in a Tech World
what areas are you interested in? how do you see computers and technology being used in that field? Check out this video with some career info.
Are you a little bit afraid of computer science? don't be! See why Renee chose computer science.

3D design tutorials on 3DTin and TinkerCad. Here are more 3DTin tutorials.
try out 3DTin (I started with a plant, you could try that or a letter of the alphabet)
or try TinkerCad
Which do you like better?

Design blocks (more drawing, more programming!)

Shaun the sheep does scratch!

Check out the Barbie: I can be a computer engineer book that was recently published. What do you think about it? How about we rewrite it? Click here for a web page (created by a woman) that will let you add your own storyline to the Barbie book pages.

We're also going to take apart some computers, and I might show you a magic trick.

some more fun things!
frozen (beta)
made with code (animation)

Scratch and Turtle Logo

Scratch intro (for those with no scratch experience)
Scratch Wild Animals! (a little more advanced)
Scratch Challenges (introductory level)
Bat & Cat Scratch Intro
Scratch Pingpong game
getting started with Turtle logo

Computer Science without a computer

Caesar cipher
a magic trick using parity, and counting in binary
cryptocrafts (you know you're intrigued...)

Intro to Programming

Coding Games for Beginners (a list compiled by HP)
Hour of Code (from
More Hour of Code (from
(note to teachers: the hour of code activities are self-contained short activities, so you don't need to have any background in coding to run these with your students)

Code spells intro
intro to processing (Khan Academy) (if you like this you might also try


Lego puppy exercise
-- requires Lego NXT robots
Soft circuits
Magic wands


mobius strips
make your own abacus
a magic trick using parity, and counting in binary

a mix of stuff

science challenges (we used these as part of a "race" for gr. 5/6 kids; most kids finished several in about 1 hour)

stuff I want to try

There are so many new things coming out! Think of this as a wishlist for the future...
circuit scribe
little bits
chibitronics -- circuit stickers!