The 14th Canadian Conference on Computational Geometry
August 12-14, 2002
University of Lethbridge

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Accepted Papers: (in random order)

Efficient Answering of Polyhedral Queries in R^d using BBS-Trees;

Elbassioni, Elmasry, Kamel

Asymptotically efficient triangulations of the d-cube;

Orden, Santos

Convexity Minimizes Pseudo-Triangulations;

Aichholzer, Aurenhammer, Krasser, Speckmann

Partitioning Orthogonal Polygons into Fat Rectangles in Polynomial Time;

O'Rourke, Tewari

On the Hardness of Turn-Angle-Restricted Rectilinear Cycle Cover Problems;

Durocher, Kirkpatrick

Using simplicial partitions to determine a closest point to a query line;


A Sweep Line Algorithm for Nearest Neighbour Queries;

Dinis, Mamede

Point Location Algorithms of Minimum Size;

Damerow, Finschi, Ziegler

Enumerating pseudo-triangulations in the plane;


Partitioning a Deformed Urban Grid;

Hagger, Sanders

Constructing Differentiable Homeomorphisms between Isomorphic Triangulations;

Crimins, Souvaine

Nonorthogonal Polyhedra Built from Rectangles;

Donoso, O'Rourke

Exact and approximation algorithms for computing a-fat decompositions;


On Flat-State Connectivity of Chains with Fixed Acute Angles;

Aloupis, Demaine, Meijer, O'Rourke, Streinu, Toussaint

Hierarchical Planar Voronoi Diagram Approximations;

Boada, Coll, Sellarčs

Connecting Points in the Presence of Obstacles in the Plane;

Hoffmann, Toth

On Sampling and Reconstructing Surfaces with Boundaries;


Computing Closest Points for Segments;


Proximate Point Searching;

Demaine, Iacono, Langerman

Computing Signed Permutations of Polygons;

Aloupis, Bose, Demaine, Langerman, Meijer, Overmars, Toussaint

Robust Algorithm for k-gon Voronoi Diagram Construction;

Chen, Papadopoulou, Xu

Analysis of half-space range search using the k-d search skip list;

Lopez, Nickerson

Logarithmic Path-Length in Space-Filling Curves;


Constructing Convex 3-Polytopes from two Triangulations of a Polygon;

Marlin, Toussaint

Cost-Optimal Quadtrees for Ray Shooting;

Brönnimann, Glisse, Wood

The complexity of flow diagrams in the plane;

Giesen, John

Push-2-F is PSPACE-Complete;

Demaine, Hearn, Hoffmann

On reverse nearest neighbor queries;

Maheshwari, Varenhold, Zeh

A Reliable Algorithm for Computing the Generalized Voronoi Diagram for a Set of Spheres in the Euclidean d-dimensional Space;


Ordered Theta Graphs;

Bose, Gudmundsson, Morin

Light Edges in Degree-constrained Graphs;

Bose, Smid, Wood

A Near-Quadratic Algorithm for the Alpha-Connected Two-Center Decision Problem;

Huang, Tsai, Tang

Drawing K_{2,n}: A Lower Bound;

Biedl, Chan, Lopez-Ortiz

Searching for the Centre of a Circle;

Biedl, Hasan, Horton, Lopez-Ortiz, Vinar

Drawing Series-Parallel Graphs on a Box;

diGiacomo, Liotta, Wismath

On the Number of Lines Tangent to Four Convex Polyhedra;

Brönnimann, Devillers, Dujmovic, Everett, Glisse, Goaoc, Lazard, Na, Whitesides

Tighter Bounds on the Genus of Nonorthogonal Polyhedra Built from Rectangles;

Biedl, Chan, Demaine, Demaine, Nijjar, Uehara, Wang

A Linear Algorithm for Compact Box-Drawings of Trees;

Hasan, Rahman, Nishizeki

An Exact algebraic predicate for maintaining the topology of the Voronoi diagram for circles,

Anton, Kirkpatrick, Mioc

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