Computer Science 3710: Blender Project by: Jonathan Burns

General Overview

For my Computer Graphics project I decided to use blender to model the U.S.S. Enterprise from Star Trek. I chose this for two reasons. One, I really enjoy the show and I wanted to model something I thought was cool, and perhaps print it. And two because I have an actual plastic model of the Enterprise that I could use to help me model it in Blender. The Enterprise I chose is based off of the original series. This influenced many of my design decisions, for instance in the Star Trek movies (Including the 2009 or 2013 ones) the satellite dish on the body is replaced by a big glowy blue thing. I prefer the satellite so I stuck with the old ship. There are more differences between the old ship and the one that was featured in the newest series of movies but the biggest one is the nacelle (glowy things attached to body) design. I’m really proud of the final result I’ve gotten. There are a couple things I’m especially proud of. The ends of the body and nacelles are a really big deal to me.

The nacelles have a very curvy back end to them whith a sphere shape in the middle. I was very satisfied with how it all turned out.

The curvy nature of the back of a nacelle.

The back end of the body of the ship had a similar curvy nature to it, as well as shuttle bay doors that look sort of like a ridged sphere. I spent a lot of time on this curve and I am happy with how it turned out.

The curve of the back of the body as well as the shuttle bay doors.

Overall I think the ship turned out really well. It was very satisfying to see it take shape from the basic saucer section all the way up to the nacelles. All of the small details add a a lot to the entire ship and help it feel like the real (fictional?) ship. This project offered me a very in depth experience with Blender, one that was at times both fun and incredibly frustrating. In the end, however, I enjoyed the project on a whole.