Optimization Seminar Series – Wed Sep 30 @ 1 pm

Title: Design Structure Matrix : Models, Applications and Data Exchange Format
Speaker: Rumana Quashem, MSc candidate, Optimization Research Group
Location and time: B660, Wednesday Sept 30, 1 pm

Abstract: A Design Structure Matrix(DSM) is much more than an adjacency matrix representation of a network. The design and analysis of complex engineered systems can be greatly aided by tools that can capture, organize and represent interactions among systems’ elements. It is a tool that can be used to represent a system’s design structure in a visually appealing manner. The DSM research over the last 3 decades have produced important analysis techniques that have been applied to a variety of projects. Many real world examples of DSM matrices remain scattered in the literature. Recently, the book by Eppinger and Browning has compiled 44 DSM examples from diverse areas; and we have discovered that most of these examples are not in easily retrievable digital form.
Thus, we proposed a new exchange format “Design Structure Matrix Data Exchange(DSMDE)” as a common file format to promote reliable and efficient exchange of Design Structure Model (DSM) and MDM (Multi-domain Model) data. It is an extension of the widely used “Matrix Market(MM)” file format (for the exchange of sparse and dense matrices data). At present there does not exist a common standard for sharing DSM/MDM data. We believe that a standardized exchange format will greatly facilitate research and development of DSM modelling techniques by making data widely available than currently possible. Thus, the DSMDE is expected to be a standard way to share DSM/MDM data among researchers, practitioners, and on different computing environments. 

Everyone is welcome. Graduate students are encouraged to attend.

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