Optimization problems are everywhere. I have designed algorithms to solve optimization problems that come out of wireless computer network design, facility location, operations research, blockchain systems, and I am open to investigate any other domains.

I am interested in exact algorithms for problem instances that can be solved efficiently, approximation algorithms for the difficult instances, and fast algorithms without theoretical guarantees for the quality of the solution (the so called meta-heuristic algorithms). Mathematical programming and simple computational geometry techniques are the main ingredients in my research methodology.


Some of my publications are available from
and [research gate].

Supervised students

Oluwaseun Lijoka (PhD)
Mahshid Aghania (MSc)
Reed Parsons, MSc.
Khairul Bashar (Jahid), MSc.
Rajib Das, MSc.
Ram Dahal (PhD, co-supervised with Daya Gaur)
Mark Thom (PhD)
Mahmudun Nabi (MSc)
Umair Arif (MSc, co-supervised with Daya Gaur)
Parijat Purohit (MSc, co-supervised with Daya Gaur)
Kawsar Jahan (MSc, co-supervised with Daya Gaur)
Stephen Nsoh (MSc)
Shah Khaled (MSc).
Tarikul Sabbir (MSc, co-supervised with Daya Gaur)
Y. Hung Tam (PhD, co-supervised with Hossam Hassanein @ Queen’s University)
Kenny Deng (MSc, co-supervised with Hossam Hassanein @ Queen’s University)
Sylvia Tai (MSc, co-supervised with Hossam Hassanein @ Queen’s University)

Optimization Research Group

I am co-founder of the Optimization Research Group at the University of Lethbridge (aka UofL Optimization Lab).

Faculty members, ordered alphabetically:

  1. Robert Benkoczi
  2. Daya Gaur
  3. Shahadat Hossain
  4. Muhammad Khan

For more information, visit us [here].