Applied studies: Open Source software development

Are you interested in getting a course credit for working on a real open-source project with students from other Canadian universities? How about working with a real developer as a mentor and experiencing the challenges and joys of writing something for actual customers? Are you going to be in the 3-rd or 4-th year in the semester when UCOSP is offered with a min. GPA of 3?

Perhaps the Undergraduate Capstone Open Source Program (UCOSP) is for you.

In this program you will work with a team of students from 2-4 different university CS departments in Canada and USA on an open-source project. You will hold most of your meetings online but for one weekend in September/January, UCOSP will fly you all together for a 3-day code-sprint where you’ll get to know your team, your project and the development environment that you will use. You can look at the past projects [here] or talk to John Anvik (john.anvik AT uleth DOT ca) to find out more or to indicate your interest.

UCOSP is a great way to work on something significant that you can talk about in your job interviews and to learn software development skills that just don’t get exercised in our regular courses.

Time commitment:

  • 8-10 hours per week (a regular course load).
  • Code sprint: Every January and September. Travelling costs are supported by UCOSP.