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Alexis (usually called Alex) is the last of my ferrets, as we're not allowed any more in our condo. Then again, I already scoop enough poop! She is a beautiful albino (white with red eyes).

UPDATE: Alexis has gone to live with friends of ours who have a beautiful townhouse totally dedicated to all their ferrets, cat, dog, and turtle. Did I get everyone? We noticed that after Rachel and Rafael died, and our new baby came along, Alexis slept an awful lot. And she just wasn't very active any more. So we thought she would do better in an environment where she had lots of playmates. We miss you, Alex!

Alexis was the result of a trip to Nanaimo to visit Burger King. We stopped in at a nearby pet-store, and found a sad little fuzzbutt. Ok, so she wasn't so little... actually she was a FATSO!!

Apparently they'd had her for about 6 months (we guessed) and in that time, never came out of her cage to play, or at least, rarely. We brought her home, and the poor thing couldn't even climb up on the couch because her belly was too big!

I felt so sorry for her, because not only had we uprooted her from the only home she had ever known, but it turned out that Rachel was extremely jealous of her, and tried to beat her up all the time. She still chases poor Alex, but now Alex can hold her own, and has her own hidey-holes.

Alex is the most hyper, nutso ferret I've ever seen at times! She plays with Frank, our cat, and usually ends up with him running away from her. She has bitten us twice in her life, both times when she was scared. Other than that, she can look like the most ferocious beast, but never hurts us.

And she's such a good girl... she always uses her litter box :-)

Alexis' birthday is on May 4th. This year (1999) she will be 2 years old.