in memory of Rachel
  April 3 1997 - Oct. 13 2001

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Rachel was my baby. I'm sorry to say that Rachel has also passed away, as of October 13, 2001. She, like her brother, was just over 4 years old.

She was currently being treated with Lupron for adrenal disease, and the veterinarian who last saw her said that it was possible she also had lymphosarcoma (which, by the way, is also what they said of Raf before he died). I'm glad that she has gone to see her brother, I know she missed him very much. I will miss both her and Rafael.

I was very close to Rachel, closer than to my other ferrets. She got sick a few times, and I think the hassle of having to force feed her with an eyedropper created a bond between us. Go figure... if someone did that to me I'd hate them forever!

She was the littlest, and the boss of everyone except me (oh, and my husband... although she tried to boss him, too!).

She arrived in my family not long after Rafael did. He looked so lonely in his cage and playing by himself that I decided he needed a buddy. So along came our little cinnamon-mitt, Rachel

They became best buddies right away, and he put up with almost anything from her. She, however, had an extremely annoying habit of not using her litter-box, which we worked very hard at changing (not always successfully).