in memory of Sammy
  1999 - Feb. 9 2011

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Sammy was an oops. One day in November of 1999 my husband and I went to Petcetera. We peruse pet shops a lot, or at least we used to. In the Petcetera in Victoria there is a little room at the back where they run an adoption program for animals that have been abandoned. My husband says, "Let's get another cat". I think he was joking, but playing along, I said, "OK!".

So, we walked into the adoption room and start looking at cats. We even filled in all the forms, and get approved to adopt. Joe wants a female, but the one there is kind of old, and not too friendly. There is a smallish guy, about 3 or 4 months old, though, who is super friendly. Next thing we know, we're out the door with Linus.

Now we're at home, trying to introduce this kitten to Frank (ol' blue eyes) and our three ferrets... that was fun :-) Of course, with Frank (after Sinatra) we just had to rename this little black kitten Sammy. It suits him, too!

So Sammy is now a BIG cat (emphasis on big :-) and gets along just fine with the rest of the zoo... he is a total nut case, though, does weird things like stares at the wall constantly. Hes also lets Frank bath him and beat up on him constantly, which is hilarious since Sam must outweigh Frank by a good 3 pounds (if not more)!

UPDATE: My husband noticed last week that Sammy couldn't put weight on one of his legs, so took him to the vet. The diagnosis was a thrombosis had cut off the blood supply to the limb, but it wasn't showing all the typical symptoms so the vet gave him pain meds and kept him overnight. By the morning the deadness had spread much higher in the limb, so the diagnosis of thrombosis was confirmed. There is apparently a treatment that is very painful, but the vet did not recommend it, and with a 12 year-old cat who had lost 4 pounds over the last two months (indicating the likelihood of other problems as well) the choice was clear. Sammy died purring while cuddled up to my leg. He never was a lap cat, right up to the end. We miss you a lot, Sammy.


big eyes!

frank and sammy

frank and sammy