6 Bend Staircase
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Ismetric Orientation

Isometric Drawings for the 5 bend staircase graph

Isometric drawing was choosen so that the general 3D shape of the routing is shown, yet allowing for an easy counting of distances along the route. All black routings are to scale, so that if a route moves 3 grid spaces then that is the distance it moves. Pillars, Climbs and Lanes are of variable length, since the distance from V to W is unknown. Pillars and climbs are represented in Orange, while lanes are represented in red.

The Green vertex is V and the Blue vertex is W.

Each Routing can be used in conjunction with the overhead layout to understand how the 5 bend staircase graph works.

Use the orientation graphic at the left hand side of the screen under the navigation bar to tell which direction a routing is following.

An example:
B to W routing: From the vertex V the routing drops 1 unit to the B Layer of V. It then bends and goes 1 unit to the North joining its outgoing lane. It bends and follows the lane until it is under W. It then bends south 1 unit and joining the West pillar of W. It climbs to the W,E layer of W and then it bends once more going east 1 unit into the vertex W.

The other routes to the Bottom, East and North Ports of W are similar.