6 Bend Staircase
Overview of Layout
Information on Isometric View
Top Routings
Bottom Routings
West Routings
East Routings
North Routings
South Routings
Underplane Routings

Overhead layout of the 5 bend staircase graph


Legend for below routings Legend for below routings

Black routings are internal and to size

Red routings are lanes leaving the vertex, routing below the staircase to W

Blue routings are lanes that are entering the vertex, routing above the staircase from V

Routings at Vertex level

B Plane of Vertex layout W,E Plane of Vertex layout N,S Plane of Vertex layout T Plane of Vertex layout

Routings above vertex V at W plane level

Above V - B Plane of W Above V - W,E Plane of W Above V - N,S Plane of W Above V - T Plane of W

Routings below vertex W at V plane level

Below W- B Plane of V Below W- W,E Plane of V Below W- N,S Plane of V Below W- T Plane of V

Routings at the underplane level of V

S under plane of V E under plane of V

Any port of a vertex will either be routing to a higher vertex or it will have a route coming into it from a lower vertex - only one route can be used at any time. The layout shows all possible out and all possible in for each port.