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SPRING 2013:


The group in Lethbridge is part of the PIMS
Collaborative Research Group, from 2010-2013.
We are also part of the Alberta Number Theory Research Group.

Current Members Areas of Expertise Email
(add "@uleth.ca" after the name)
Amir Akbary
Ph. D., U. of Toronto, 1997.
L-functions, Reduction mod p of elliptic curves, Polynomials over finite fields. amir.akbary
Adam Felix
postdoc: January 2013 - present
Ph.D., Queens, 2011.
Analytic number theory, sieve theory, primes in arithmetic progression,
Artin's primitive root conjecture, elliptic curves, algebraic number theory.
Brandon Fodden
faculty: July 2009 - present
postdoc: July 2007 - 2009
Ph.D., Queen's, 2007.
Analytic and algebraic number theory, Hilbert's 10th problem, logic. brandon.fodden
Habiba Kadiri
Ph.D., U. Lille I (France), 2002.
Analytic number theory, explicit results, zeros of L-functions, prime numbers. habiba.kadiri
Nathan Ng
Ph.D., UBC (Vancouver), 2001.
Analytic and multiplicative number theory, Riemann zeta function, prime numbers. nathan.ng
Soroosh Yazdani
Ph.D., U. C. Berkeley (US), 2007.
Algebraic Number Theory, Arithmetic Geometry, Algorithmic Number Theory,
p-adic Representation Theory

Graduate Students
Farzad Aryan PhD student
Advisor: Nathan Ng
Jeff Bleaney Master's student
Advisors: Amir Akbary, Soroosh Yazdani
Manoj Kumar Master's student
Advisors: Amir Akbary, Soroosh Yazdani
Allysa Lumley Master's student
Advisors: Habiba Kadiri, Nathan Ng

Past Students
Majid Shahabi MSc 2012
Thesis: The distribution of the classical error terms of prime number theory.
Advisors: Amir Akbary, Nathan Ng
Sept. 2012: research assistant, U. of lethbridge.
Fataneh Esteki MSc 2012
Thesis: Approximations for some functions of primes.
Advisors: Amir Akbary, Habiba Kadiri
Sept. 2012: Master's student, U. of Calgary.
Shahab Shahabi MSc 2003
Thesis: On non vanishing of certain L-functions
Advisor: Amir Akbary
Ph.D 2008, McGill
Advisor: Henri Darmon.
Undergraduate Summer Research Students

2010: Laura Faber, Yang Li, Keylan Scholten.
2009: Laura Faber, Kyle Hambrook, Allysa Lumley, Mark Thom.
2008: Kyle Hambrook, Allysa Lumley, Mark Thom.
2005: Zachary Friggstad
2004: Sean Alaric
2001, 2002: Reg Sawilla

Past Members Areas of Expertise Current Position
Dragos Ghioca
Assistant Professor, July 2007 - June 2010
Ph.D., U. of California (Berkeley), 2005.
Arithmetic geometry, polynomial dynamics, geometric model theory. Associate Professor
UBC, Vancouver
Fabien Pazuki
Postdoc - August 2009
Ph.D., U. of Bordeaux 1 (France), 2008.
Diophantine geometry, heights, abelian varieties, rational points, elliptic curves. Maitre de Conference
U. of Bordeaux I, France
Tim Trudgian
postdoc: July 2010 - June 2012
Ph.D., Oxford (UK), 2010.
Analytic number theory, Riemann zeta-function and its argument. Currently ARC Fellow
Australian National University, Canberra.

Past Events

Canadian Number Theory Association XIIth meeting June 17-22, 2012, University of Lethbridge.
Organizers: Amir Akbary, Habiba Kadiri, Nathan Ng, Soroosh Yazdani (all U of L),
Michael Bennett (UBC), Nils Bruin (SFU), Matthew Greenberg (Calgary), Renate Scheidler (Calgary), Vinayak Vatsal (UBC).
CRG conference
Analytic Aspects of L-functions and Applications to Number Theory
May 29-June 3, 2011
University of Calgary
Organizers: Amir Akbary (UofL), Matthew Greenberg (UofC), Greg Martin (UBC).
Number Theory & Combinatorics Seminar Since Fall 2007.
PIMS West End Number Theory Seminar (WENTS)
Summer Lectures:
2011, 2010, 2009, 2008.
Alberta Number Theory Days IV. Banff June 17-June 19, 2011.
org: Amir Akbary, Brandon Fodden(all UofL).
III. Banff, April 30--May 2, 2010.
org: Matthew Greenberg (UofC), Paul Buckingham (UofA).
II. Calgary, April 30, 2009.
org: Matthew Greenberg, Renate Scheidler, Andrew Shallue (all UofC).
I. Lethbridge, May 07, 2008.
org: Amir Akbary, Dragos Ghioca, Habiba Kadiri, Nathan Ng (all UofL).

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